09 June, 2009

oh my dearest scooty pep plus!

One day, I went to Grahak Peth, Tilak Road, Pune. I parked my scooty pep plus (:P) in front of Grahak Peth, in the parking area ofcourse! Then I purchased a few things and there I met a friend. She invited me to her home to stay overnight. I tried telling her that I will come some other day, not now, and stuff like that. But she kept on insisting. Then I went with her. She stayed near Grahak Peth itself. Next day, when I was about to go back to my place, I went to Grahak Peth parking area to get my scooty pep plus. It was not there! In fact there were no other vehicles parked there!! I was tensed. I didn't know whom to call / contact and get my scooty pep plus back! Then I called my dad and he said, go to the nearest police station and register a complaint. I went to Perugate Police Station. There the inspector / hawaldar / whatever told me - They had taken my scoopty pep plus!!!! I started arguing - why did you do that? I had parked it properly in the parking area. I have license. I showed it to them. They said, you parked it yesterday, so P1 was applicable, today it's P2.
..... Then I woke up.. Thank GOD, it was just a dream.. my scooty pep plus is safely standing in my society's parking area! :)


Sachin Rewaram Gaikwad said...

Good one! Dreams are crazy.
btw, what is P1 and P2 ?

Megha said...

ohh! u missed the imp part then!
P1 = parking allowed only on odd dates and similary P2 -> even dates! :)