29 October, 2008

It happens...!

It's Bhaaubeej today! We had Diwali holidays till Padwa, i.e. no holiday for Bhaaubeej. We had an 8:30 am lecture today i.e. every Thursday. We (few of the stupid fellows of our class) came back from home yesterday itself in order to attend today's class. We went and it was declared that there won't be any class today!

Let's go exactly a week back - last Thursday. Sir announced that we will have a quiz on next Saturday, i.e. Nov 1st. Few of our classmates said that they will be extending their stay at home after Diwali and will come back only on Monday, i.e. Nov 3rd. Sir was angry hearing this. He expressed his anger saying - How can you go for such a long vacation? I will be taking lectures and you also plan to miss them during your long holiday - and things like that.

Let's go one more day back. While I was telling my parents that I will have to come back on Padwa, there being lecture on Thursday, they advised me to ask Sir if he will be conducting lecture for sure. I was afraid of asking this and next day when Sir was angry with the long holidays that people are taking, I decided better not to ask anything about the lecture. We (I repeat, few stupid fellows of our class) thus decided to come back on Padwa and attend the lecture being conducted on next day.

There were few logical reasons behind this:

1. I obviously get bored when I stay home for a long period. I need some work / something to study. I can's sit idle at home doing timepass for more than 3-4 days. And till Padwa, I already had 5 days long vacation, which was enough for me.

2. We don't understand much in the subject so it's better that we don't bunk the lecture just to stay at home. If we attend it, we will understand the things.

** Reason 2 is applicable to all those (stupid fellows of our class) who came for the lecture. **
** Whereas reason 1 is applicable only to me! (I guess) **

.. and the result is -- we- few stupid fellows of our class- proved ourselves to be stupid.

I have few questions:

1. Was being such a stupid necessary?

2. Why couldn't we (stupid people) think little wiser (??) and could decide to bunk the class (afterall it was an 8:30 am class!)

3. People say - you get used to things like - bunking lectures, late submissions, non-positive marks in exams, screwed up vivas etc. - when you complete your first semester in IIT. Then why couldn't we get used to all this?

Following are my answers:

1. Yes, this is the way I am.

2. I don't think that is something "wiser" to think about.

3. When people can't change the things / situations, they "get used to" them. I will not.

19 October, 2008


मला गूगल मध्ये नोकरी मिळाली आहे! मी बंगलोरला आले आहे, इकडे उमाला भेटले. तिला म्हटलं, मला गूगल कुठे आहे हे माहीत नाहीए.. तर ती मला म्हणाली, अग, गूगल ना, याहू च्या अगदीच जवळ आहे. तू माझ्यासोबत चल, मी तुला सोडते गूगल मध्ये.. मग आम्ही निघालो.. जाताना H11 च्या गप्पा मारत चालत आहोत.. जाताना मला आजुबाजुची दुकानं ओळखीची वाटत आहेत, मी उमा ला म्हटलं, अग इथे आधी कधीतरी येवून गेल्यासारखं वाटतय गं, तर उमा मला म्हणते, अग तू बंगलोर ला होतीस ना काही दिवस, आली असशील कधी तरी या भागात.. मी म्हटलं, हं.. शक्यता आहे.. ज़रा चालल्यावर उमा मला म्हणते, आता ह्या बिल्डिंगच्या दुसऱ्या बाजुच्या दरवाज्यातून तू बाहेर पडलीस ना, की गूगल ची बिल्डिंग समोरच दिसेल तुला.. मी म्हटलं, ठीक आहे मग, भेटू संध्याकाळी.. मग मी त्या बिल्डिंगमध्ये शिरले, पाहते तर काय! ती तर I.I.T. ची main building होती! म्हटलं, ही इथे कुठे आली!!??!! विचार करता करता दुसऱ्या दरावाज्यापाशी पोहोचले, समोर गूगल ची बिल्डिंग! मग आत गेले, नविन काम मिळालं॥ सगळ्यांशी ओळख झाली, मग माझ्या cubicle मध्ये गेले.. TL सोबत ओळख झाली नाही फ़क्त.. तेवढयात माझा teammate म्हणाला, there comes the TL! मी पाहते तर समोर अतुल कुलकर्णी उभा!! हा? TL? !! wowww!! :) त्याच्याशी ओळख झाली, मग कामाला सुरुवात....!

सकाळी उठल्यावर लक्षात आलं, की तो परिसर माझ्या पुण्याच्या घराजवळचा होता.. म्हणुन ओळखीचा वाटत होता!

(हे वाचणार्यांना गूगल मध्ये नोकरी लागल्याची पार्टी देणार नक्की!! पण स्वप्नात च! :P)