08 February, 2009

sometimes.. taking risk is important!

"Boys are very much "bindhast".. they take risks.. "

"They never plan things as such.. they are always like - will see to it when time comes..! :) "

"But that's why they know much more than we girls do..!!"

We used to have such discussions in PICT.. a couple of days back, following incident happened..

we were discussing about what we should do for our course project.. we - meaning myself and one of my friends who is a boy.. we had shortlisted a few topics and we were about to finalize one amongst them. I said that we should do something which most of the people have done in past.. so that if we stuck up at some point.. we will get help / advice.. and thus the project won't get screwed up! :) He wanted to go with another project which was full of uncertain things.. there were so many things to explore before we could have given a proposal for the project.. but the thing that I felt most was - irrespective of those uncertainties, he was very firm on taking that call..

I thought to myself.. may be this is the reason why boys know much better than we girls.. they explore things.. they take risks.. they won't follow traditional path and won't end up doing something very common.. they show that guts..

well.. thinking of going for the same project that he is insisting.. ! Sometimes.. taking risk is important.. may be it will prove to be beneficial in long run..! :)

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